Home Video with Victoria Cain

Victoria has never played pinball before. So after meeting up at Birdy's, in Brooklyn, she learns how to be a pinball wizard.


Precious Gorgeous - SYD (featuring Crimdella & Shelbi Bennett)

First single from Precious Gorgeous of the #BlackGodPantheon forthcoming "WHAT SHOULD BE THE FEAR" EP and score for his forthcoming one-man show of the same name, which will debut Summer 2017. The show and the album both detail Ralf Jean-Pierre's (Precious Gorgeous) true story of the year long one-man journey across America.


Kita P - History (featuring Real Ishmael)

History is a take on the plight of humanity world wide. Shedding light on the fact that history is important to get to where you need and want to be in this life. Featuring REAL iShmAel and produced by GC Castillo. Special thanks to Precious Gorgeous for being a creative partner.